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Timeline of Plateau Perspectives relief work in Yushu/Jiegu

We have been able to map out our relief work from last week in response to the Yushu quakes.  In order to grasp the big picture of the Plateau Perspectives continued relief work in Yushu we thought it would be nice to share it with you as well (click here).  Also, make sure and give the video below a quick look.  This video footage coincides well with the timeline and will hopefully give you an idea of how extensive the quake damage in Yushu really is.

In other news, we were able to get two fresh doctors into camp this morning for continued support of our medical relief work.  We are still up and running in Yushu and doctors and nurses continue to see between 150 to 200 patients all while providing extremely thorough medical care.  We continue to be pleased to be able to support the Yushu community at this time.



Footage of Jiegu literally minutes after the earthquake

Jiegu from mr name on Vimeo.

Yushu Earthquake Relief