Before and after

The relief effort continues one week after the quake.

In an effort to show the extensive damage in Yushu, we were able to post before and after shots from similar vantage points seen above.  Further away from this point you will notice more widespread damage – while many of the buildings in the foreground either collapsed directly upon themselves, tilted off their foundations, or were literally cracked down the middle.  Yushu residents are still not allowed to re-enter their homes.  There are sections of Yushu that can be seen in these images where literally every structure was destroyed (again, further away from this vantage point.)

*please note that these pictures are taken from the same hillside but from different vantage points approximately 100 yards from each other.  Use the red building/monastery towards the center of both pictures as a reference point.  For more pictures of the ongoing relief work, please click here

Jiegu #2 from mr name on Vimeo.

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